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Outdoor Fiberglass Pergolas

With an extensive range of pergola designs and materials, Arbors Direct® offers a diverse selection to suit any style or preference. Our skilled team of craftsmen can guide you through the process, ensuring your customer's vision becomes a reality. Whether it's a cozy corner pergola for intimate gatherings or a grand, sprawling structure for larger events, our customizable options will help you create the perfect outdoor space. Trust Arbors Direct® to deliver quality, durability, and unmatched customer satisfaction with every pergola we create. Let us enhance your customer's outdoor living experience with our exceptional products and expertise.

Discover the

Easy to maintain, with little to no maintenance, and a limited lifetime warranty, our pergolas will bring joy for years to come. Whether you're enhancing the ambiance of a vineyard or adding elegance to your home, our versatile pergolas are designed to seamlessly fit into various commercial and residential applications. Their adaptability allows them to create beautiful outdoor spaces for restaurants, hotels, gardens, and many other settings.


Discover the endless possibilities our pergolas offer and elevate your outdoor experience today.

Backyard white pergola over a grill area
Pergola with privacy screen in backyard

Naturally corrosion-resistant composite does not rust, corrode or pit. 

Quick and easy to install.

Uniform appearance that lasts for years to come.

Lightweight fiberglass-reinforced components are stronger than steel.

Hollow beams in both the round and square columns allow for internal wiring, which means festive or ambient lighting is possible.

Why Arbors Direct?

Our pergolas are crafted with durable fiberglass that requires minimal upkeep, ensuring easy maintenance and long-lasting enjoyment.

Clearly marked parts and hardware are included with Arbors Direct pergolas, which allows for speedier installation, often completed in a matter of hours. Fiberglass is a lighter construction material, and despite its strength, the lighter weight of fiberglass lends itself to the movability and flexibility needed for faster installation.

Fiberglass-reinforced composites are naturally corrosion-resistant. They will not rust, corrode or pit. Fiberglass composite resists most acids, bases, oxidizing agents, salts and corrosive gases.

In addition, fiberglass composites can withstand temperature extremes without compromising structural integrity. Our fiberglass material is also waterproof. Unlike other building materials, it does not absorb water, which reduces water’s over-time corrosive abilities. Our arbor material will not rot, check or split and it’s weather and insect-proof.

Compared to traditional materials, fiberglass components offer a uniform appearance that lasts for years. They do not twist, warp or bow after installation and they maintain their full strength over the life of the product.

Fiberglass is a remarkably strong material. Pound for pound, the Arbors Direct lightweight fiberglass-reinforced components are stronger than steel, with the same tensile strength as construction-grade aluminum. (Although steel is thought of by many as a stronger material than fiberglass, the strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass surpasses steel by as much as 75%, which makes fiberglass an effective material for building applications such as arbors and pergolas.)

Fiberglass beams can also span longer distances than wood or vinyl. The high strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass keeps longer beams from sagging under their own weight. Unlike vinyl, they are unaffected by variations in temperature and don’t sag in high temperatures. It doesn’t expand with temperature changes.

pergola by pool

Solace™ Series Fiberglass Pergolas

The flexible design of Arbors Direct’s contemporary Solace™ pergola makes it a smart choice. Manufactured to utilize our Mor-Shade® retractable canopy, Solace™ delivers shade with a crisp, clean appearance.

gorgeous white pergola in outdoor living space with patio furniture

Stock Pergolas

At Arbors Direct, our ten most popular pergolas are stock items that ship within a week. These beautiful and affordable pergolas are prefinished white with our exclusive ChromaGuard® engineered coating and come with our Arbor-Loc® Tie-Down System and Napa Tails.

attached white pergola on back patio

Pre-Designed Pergolas

We've taken care of the design work for you! Simply choose from our many beautiful, pre-designed freestanding and attached pergolas, then put on the finishing touches by selecting a rafter tail and color.

three pillar white pergola over brick patio with lush green grass

Custom Pergolas

Our in-house design team is ready to work with you to design a custom pergola that meets your customer's unique needs. We offer a wide selection of colors, column types, sizes and shapes to perfectly complement any space or style.

Match Any Home Style with ChromaGuard®

To add a distinct finishing touch to any pergola—all while complementing nearly any home style—Arbors Direct offers ChromaGuard®, an engineered coating that seals and bonds to structural fiberglass like a protective shell.  Designed specifically for Arbors Direct, ChromaGuard ensure a long-lasting, quality finish that doesn’t fade through time. Choose from 12 on-trend ChromaGuard colors inspired by the latest developments in color usage for outdoor spaces. Current ChromaGuard colors include lighter shades of white, linen, fog and cream, mid-range colors in warm tones, such as latte, estate, java and saddle, and deeper-saturation dark tones of cannon, tricorn, moss and cocoa. Stock pergolas come pre-finished in white ChromaGuard.

color swatch for arbors direct

* Color may differ slightly due to screen settings. Please call for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered.

Arbors Direct does not sell directly to the public.  You must contact and order through one of the dealers listed on our website.  If you have difficulty locating a dealer, please notify us directly and we can help locate one for you.  Call or email us directly if you experience any challenges communicating with a dealer. We can help.


If no dealers are located within a reasonable distance to your installation location, contact us directly, as we may have a dealer in your area who may not be listed on our website.


Arbors Direct is happy to work directly with the consumer regarding design and function of the outdoor structures, but consumers must contact one of our dealers for requests about pricing.

Arbors Direct has three delivery options available to you, depending on how you place your order and your delivery needs.  The receiver must be present and sign for the delivery.



Your large and heavy totally enclosed wood crate will be delivered via truckload freight by our company’s contracted carrier. It is the receiver’s responsibility to unload the crate and a forklift is required. Unloading by hand is not an option.



Your order will be delivered via less than truckload freight, or less-than-load, which is a shipping service for relatively small loads or quantities of freight—between 150 and 15,000 pounds. In most cases, it will arrive in one large and heavy, totally enclosed wood crate. A forklift is required for unloading.  Arbors Direct can arrange for the unloading of your order by the freight carrier only if you request this service when you place your order with your Arbors Direct dealer.  The freight carrier will only place your order on or near your curb or driveway.  For liability reasons the carrier will not drive this crate into your garage or yard.



Wood crates are typically 6” longer than the longest part of the pergola or arbor ordered.  To take advantage of this option, you will need a trailer long enough to safely haul the wood crate containing your order.  if you opt for this method, the freight carrier will load the crate on your trailer at the freight terminal.

We take pride in creating high-quality pergolas that bring outdoor spaces to life. As we enter our busiest season from April to September, our craftsmanship becomes even more sought after, and our lead times may extend beyond the usual 4 to 6 weeks.

We believe that good things are worth the wait, and we promise that your pergola will be meticulously crafted to perfection. While our artisans pour their expertise into each piece, we appreciate your patience and enthusiasm.

The anticipation only adds to the excitement of unveiling a stunning addition to your outdoor haven. Thank you for choosing us to enhance your space. Your dream pergola is just around the corner, and we're dedicated to making it extraordinary.

In most cases, yes.  For all free-standing arbors and pergolas, your ready-to-install kit will arrive with all required installation hardware.


For attached pergolas and arbors, Arbors Direct does provide a ledger board or brackets to install our product to the home/structure wall but does not provide the screws or hardware needed to attach our ledger board or brackets to your wall.  You, or your construction professional, will make the hardware decision for your home.


For any deck-mount pergolas, arbors or privacy screens, we provide deck plates.  We do not provide hardware to install the deck plates to the deck.

Arbors Direct designs and manufactures structural fiberglass arbors, pergolas, privacy screens, wall trellises and eyebrow/wall accents. 

Because we design and manufacture the structures, we do not offer installation services and do not sell directly to the public.  A list of our dealers can be found on our website.  Buying through an Arbors Direct dealer provides other services to consumers, such as installation, landscape design and construction services—and pool and/or deck services, depending on the dealer.

Yes, our structures need to be coated or painted and we do that for our customers at our manufacturing facility.  We automatically include the cost of coating in every quote we provide our customers.  We apply an engineered paint coating called ChromaGuard®, which is made specifically and singularly for our structural fiberglass outdoor living products.  It is an acrylic latex water-based coating, which we stock in several colors.  We can also custom match any exterior Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color, if you provide the color code and color name.  Although another coating with the name ChromaGuard exists on the market, don’t be fooled. Arbors Direct does not offer our coating for sale anywhere but at Arbors Direct.

For a range of options and prices that will give you a better idea of what’s needed for your project, request a quote.

If you already have a clear idea of what’s needed for your project, reach out to us through email.