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Fiberglass Swing & Entry Arbor Kits

An arbor swing or a garden entry arbor can transform any outdoor living area into an inviting retreat or welcoming gather-together space. They’re a picture-perfect accent to any landscaping project. Both garden entry arbors and arbor swings come in ready-to-install kits. Each offers a low maintenance option that’s easily integrated into a pergola. Developed to pair seamlessly with our pergolas, entry and swing arbors are exceptionally strong, beautifully designed and built to last.

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Ranging from Windsor and Craftsman to Contemporary and more, Arbors Direct offers versatile arbor designs in a variety of colors with square and round columns.

Both the entry and swing arbors will support any type of vine or climbing plant, which opens possibilities for creating that retreat space or family and friend gathering area. 


Both the entry and swing arbor kits can be further customized and modified to meet the distinctive needs of a project.

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Naturally corrosion-resistant composite does not rust, corrode or pit. 

Quick and easy to install.

Uniform appearance that lasts for years to come.

Lightweight fiberglass-reinforced components are stronger than steel.

Hollow yet structural round or square columns allow for internal wiring, which means festive or ambient lighting is possible.

Benefits of Fiberglass Swing and Entry Arbors

Easy to maintain, with little to no maintenance, and a limited lifetime warranty, our entry or swing arbor will bring joy for years to come. Both arbors can be used in commercial and residential applications such as vineyards.

Clearly marked parts and hardware are included with Arbors Direct entry and swing arbors, which allows for speedier installation, often completed in a matter of hours. Fiberglass is a lighter construction material, and despite its strength, the lighter weight of fiberglass lends itself to the movability and flexibility needed for faster installation.

Fiberglass-reinforced composites are naturally corrosion-resistant. They will not rust, corrode or pit. Fiberglass composite resists most acids, bases, oxidizing agents, salts and corrosive gases.

In addition, fiberglass composites can withstand temperature extremes without compromising structural integrity. Our fiberglass material is also waterproof. Unlike other building materials, it does not absorb water, which reduces water’s over-time corrosive abilities. Our arbor material will not rot, check or split and it’s weather and insect-proof.

Compared to traditional materials, fiberglass components offer a uniform appearance that lasts for years. They do not twist, warp or bow after installation and they maintain their full strength over the life of the product.

Fiberglass is a remarkably strong material. Pound for pound, the Arbors Direct lightweight fiberglass-reinforced components are stronger than steel, with the same tensile strength as construction-grade aluminum. (Although steel is thought of by many as a stronger material than fiberglass, the strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass surpasses steel by as much as 75%, which makes fiberglass an effective material for building applications such as arbors and pergolas.)

Fiberglass beams can also span longer distances than wood or vinyl. The high strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass keeps longer beams from sagging under their own weight. Unlike vinyl, they are unaffected by variations in temperature and don’t sag in high temperatures. It doesn’t expand with temperature changes.

Built to Withstand.

Arbors Direct takes immense pride in crafting top-tier arbors renowned for their exceptional durability, even in the face of the most extreme weather conditions. Our arbors are meticulously engineered using the finest materials and cutting-edge construction techniques, ensuring they remain steadfast and resilient during challenges like hurricanes.

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Swing Arbor Kits

Our fiberglass swing arbor kits are available in both SpunCast™ Round Tapered, for a softer, more-modern line, and a pultruded square design, which offers a classic and stately feel.  Both offer the unparalleled weather-resistance of fiberglass. Stock swing arbors measure 12’x3’ and come pre-finished in white ChromaGuard®, our exclusive engineered coating. Custom kits are available for swing arbors.

swing arbor with circular pillars

12’ X 3’ Swing Arbor | 10” X 8’ | SpunCast™ Round Tapered
*Swing Not Included

swing arbor with square pillars

12’ X 3’ Swing Arbor | 10” X 8’ | Pultruded Square
*Swing Not Included

large entry arbor with pillar on brick bases along the sides of road

Entry Arbor Kits

Our fiberglass entry arbor kits are available with the same SpunCast™ Round Tapered column, for a softer, more-modern line, and a pultruded square column, which offers a classic and stately feel. The stock entry arbor comes in a 12' x 3' size with 10" x 8' columns. Stock entry arbors come pre-finished in white ChromaGuard®. Custom kits are available for entry arbors.

white arbor with round pillars

12’ X 3’ Entry Arbor | 10” X 8’ | SpunCast™ Round Tapered

white arbor with square pillars

12’ X 3’ Entry Arbor | 10” X 8’ | Pultruded Square

Match Any Home Style with ChromaGuard®

To add a distinct finishing touch to any swing or entry arbor—all while complementing nearly any home style—Arbors Direct offers ChromaGuard, an engineered coating that seals and bonds to structural fiberglass like a protective shell.  Designed specifically for Arbors Direct, ChromaGuard ensure a long-lasting, quality finish that doesn’t fade through time. Choose from 12 on-trend ChromaGuard colors inspired by the latest developments in color usage for outdoor spaces. Current ChromaGuard colors include lighter shades of white, linen, fog and cream, mid-range colors in warm tones, such as latte, estate, java and saddle, and deeper-saturation dark tones of cannon, tricorn, moss and cocoa. Stock entry arbors come pre-finished in white ChromaGuard.

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* Color may differ slightly due to screen settings. Please call for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

An arbor is typically a two or four-post trellis framework with a lattice and/or arched top. An arbor typically covers the entrance or exit of gardens or yards, or defines the transition of one outdoor area to another.  Arbors can also be used as accent structures.

A pergola is typically a structure with multiple columns, either attached to a home on one side or free-standing. It’s meant to provide an area for people to sit under and, in some cases, it provides shade.  A pergola can also be an accent in an outdoor area.

It’s vital.  Arbors must be anchored to prevent the structures from falling over or moving during inclement weather or environmental conditions, or when people might bump or run into them.  If the arbor will have plants or climbing vines on the structure, anchoring will help prevent movement due to the foliage’s growth.

As placement of an arbor usually defines an entrance or exit to a garden or yard, or defines the transition of different sections of the yard or outdoor area, an arbor should be placed to indicate an entrance or exit. Often homeowners place arbors in areas to accentuate and define an area or space.  

Arbors are designed to provide shade, shelter or privacy. They also serve to accent or cover an entrance or exit from one outdoor area to another. Homeowners may choose an arbor for its visual appeal alone.

Many vegetables and flowers grow on trellises and arbors, including beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, clematis, roses and jasmine. 

We highly recommend you consult your landscape professional before planting, as some plants and vines are detrimental to arbors and pergolas, as they may grow beyond the structure and take over the yard or damage the structure.  Many warranties are voided by training plants and vines to the structures.

Many plants, including fruits, vegetables and flowers are well-suited for training to outdoor accent structures such as arbors, pergolas and trellises.  But the suitability of these structures to withstand the added stress of training vines and plants depends on several factors, including the anchoring method and design of the structure. 

We highly recommend you consult your landscape professional and structure manufacturer before training plants or vines to any outdoor structure. Many structures' warranties are voided by training plants and vines to the structures.

Caring for your arbor depends on several factors, including the construction material, environmental conditions it withstands and its type of coating. The structure manufacturer should have care instructions available for your chosen structure. For Arbors Direct fiberglass arbors and pergolas, we do provide recommended care and maintenance instructions with every complete pergola and arbor purchase. 

We recommend treating your fiberglass outdoor living structure as you would a cherished automobile. 

Never use harsh or abrasive chemicals or cleaning materials and use low pressure water to clean the structure.  For more information, please view the Arbors Direct Recommended Care and Maintenance Guidelines.

Choosing a suitable arbor for your area or situation depends on factors such as landscape design and architecture, the overall size of the area you wish to highlight, and the budget and purpose for the structure.  If the purpose of the structure is to extend outdoor living space, then a pergola may be suitable.  If the intent of the structure is to accent or define an area, an arbor may work well. 

Contact Arbors Direct, or your landscape professional, for further discussion and recommendations.

Yes, our structures need to be coated or painted and we do that for our customers at our manufacturing facility.  We automatically include the cost of coating in every quote we provide our customers. 

We apply an engineered paint coating called ChromaGuard®, which is made specifically and singularly for our structural fiberglass outdoor living products.  It is an acrylic latex water-based coating, which we stock in several colors. 

We can also custom match any exterior Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color, if you provide the color code and color name.  Although another coating with the name ChromaGuard exists on the market, don’t be fooled. Arbors Direct does not offer our coating for sale anywhere but at Arbors Direct.

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